2020 3-song 7" on Brokers Tip Records 

see night is the indie-rock project of San Francisco songwriter Linda Sao. As a full 4-piece band or solo—a dynamic set alternates between hard-driving and dreamy. Bringing both lyric-driven songs and instrumentals, see night's cathartic tracks are built on haunting vocals, swelling drums, and atmospheric guitars that together straddle somewhere between '90s indie rock and woozy dream pop. After two self-released EPs, Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich put out the band’s first vinyl in late 2020—the “Eloquence” 7-inch on his Brokers Tip Records. Finally about to tour off that pandemic release, the band is heading to Boise’s Treefort Music Fest in September and has an upcoming Nashville-recorded album of intimate pandemic-penned solo bedroom songs in the works. 

see night has opened for Bonnie Prince Billy, Widowspeak, The Pack A.D., Rogue Wave, John Vanderslice, Sunwatchers, Jenn Champion, Lady Lamb, and more.

Some kind words from kind people:
"Fronted by Linda Sao, San Francisco's see night makes engaging and thoughtful rock songs. Their debut 7" includes the inviting 'You Are Us,' the prepossessing 'Chasm,' and the potent 'Eloquence.'" — Bob Nastanovich (Pavement, Silver Jews)
"A stunner, dreamy, and strummy, and psychedelic, moody and melancholic...equal parts Pixies/Breeders pop smarts and shoegaze-y Mazzy Star haze...slow building to something much more epic, maybe like a girl pop Godspeed...with a lush sonic palette and a propensity for epicry" — Aquarius Records (Andee Connors/A Minor Forest) 

"Head-on, severe, and cool folk rock with an indie stylee" — Record Grouch (Jim McHugh, Sunwatchers)

"Somewhere between sweeping post-rock soundscapes and dreamy shoegaze-pop lies the latest soon-to-break-out San Francisco indie band. The 4-piece channel a bit of Pixies, Mogwai, Sonic Youth, and the Breeders" — Santa Cruz Alt-Weekly
"YOU ARE US has an excellent grasp of what makes indie rock work. Trippy, intense, and soothing all at once." — Musigator Rock
"Captivating, subtly gripping, delicately engrossing... Listen closely and you can pick out some shoegaze, a dash of psychedelia, traces of Sonic Youth angst (especially on 'Concrete' with its pained, questioning refrain) and melodic sensibilities worthy of the Pixies. The instrumental 'Crows Came and Spoke of New Beginnings' even touches on hard rock as the slow burn of subdued guitars and restrained drums gradually devolves into ripping chords, crashing cymbals and haunting vocal wails... Fans of minimalist indie rock that can still pack a punch won't want to miss out."  — The Bay Bridged

 "I'd really like to hammer home the point that this is a must-see band...This is an edge of your seat band, and will receive my first ever New Britches Award, because after you see [see night], you'll need some new ones as your old ones will have been blown away." — iHeartSFBands.com, Bottom of the Hill show review

"One of those bands people stop and stare at through the venue window...Their songs are sweeping, melodic, grungey" — SantaCruz.com

"Intense howling vocals backed by a huge cloud of percussion and guitar—it was all goosebumps for those in the crowd." — The Daily Californian, Rickshaw Stop show review

"Over partly punk or grunge percussion flowed swooning rivers of violin and bass, with singer Linda’s hypnotic siren yowl...another example of rock done intelligently as well as passionately." — Santa Barbara Independent, SOhO show review

"A Coke and Mentos explosion of sound... Every note tells a story and every letter was put there for a reason." — Music Putty

"Gorgeous, melodic, dreamy indie pop." — Selected Things

"Oscillating tempos, dreary to bright tones and remarkable howls and wails. Frontwoman Linda Sao’s vocals are much more than a voice but a distinct instrument." — Examiner, live show review

"Dream pop, shoegaze, and psych rock" — The Deli Magazine  

"The vocals were like hot syrup dripping all over my face." Some guy named Roger after a show