see night (solo)

When touring solo, San Francisco's Linda Sao distills the see night sound into a raw and intimate form: just a simple electric guitar, impassioned vocals, and confessional lyrics. The minimalist indie singer-songwriter set, still ever-changing and emotive, is all about connecting with listeners through heart-revealing songs and dynamic strums. Bringing a record released by Pavement's Bob Nastanovich on his Brokers Tip Records, as well as songs off an upcoming release of pandemic-era songs Nastanovich calls "glorious," Linda is continuing to tour as see night solo in the states and abroad in 2023—and this time as an official Anderson Guitarworks artist. Having DIY-toured the EU/UK four times and opened solo for disparate acts—from indie-rocker Matthew Logan Vasquez (Delta Spirit) to revered American troubadour David Dondero to Brooklyn’s explosive psych-jazz ensemble Sunwatchers to Epitaph surf-punkers Ariel View to guitar phenom Hannah Wicklund—see night in solo form retains a loud-quiet-loud catharsis despite the one-woman lineup. 

"The music is glorious"—Bob Nastanovich (Pavement, Silver Jews)

"Haunting vocal wails...Fans of minimalist indie rock that can still pack a punch won't want to miss out."  —The Bay Bridged

"Head-on, severe, and cool folk rock with an indie stylee" —Record Grouch

"Frontwoman Linda Sao’s vocals are much more than a voice but a distinct instrument." —Examiner

Photo by Roy Fought, Anderson Guitarworks

Photo by Albert Royo, Barcelona

Photo by Maisy Charlton Phelan, Berlin